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SVG static no power generator
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SVG static no power generator

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Product introduction

The SVG static powerless generator performs real-time tracking compensation for reactive power, harmonics and three-phase unbalance, so as to provide fast dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering for the power grid or electrical load, and scientifically and effectively improve the high voltage of the power grid. Transient stability, suppression of bus voltage flicker, compensation of unbalanced load, filtering of load harmonics and improvement of load power factor. Compared with the traditional tuning cameras, capacitor reactors, and the traditional thyristor controlled reactor TCR as the main representative SVC and other methods, SVG has unparalleled advantages. This product is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, coal, electrified railways, wind power plants and other industrial fields that contain shock loads and large-capacity motors.

Environmental conditions for use

The altitude does not exceed 1000m.

The ambient air temperature is not higher than 40°C, and the lowest temperature is not lower than -10°C; the maximum temperature of the storage environment is not higher than 70°C, and the lowest temperature is not lower than -25°C.

The daily average value of relative humidity does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average value does not exceed 90%, without condensation.

Indoor installation, keep the room clean.

The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8.

Model and meaning

Product performance

SVG has fast reactive power adjustment capability, which can maintain the load-side voltage and improve the voltage stability of the load-side power supply system.

compensates for system reactive power, improves power factor, reduces line loss, saves energy and reduces consumption, suppresses voltage fluctuations and flicker, filters out filtering, and suppresses three-phase imbalance.

Reactive power filter comprehensive compensation, to meet the compensation needs of various power distribution systems, can be set to filter sub-compensation function, can balance the load current between each phase.

fiber optic drive, safe, reliable, and strong anti-interference ability; multiple protection functions, strict thermal design, to ensure safe and reliable system operation.

Advanced control algorithm, suitable for various complex scenes and stable operation; digital control, fault self-diagnosis function, automatic recording of historical events.

The control system and power unit adopt modular design, with high power density and easy installation and maintenance; multi-machine parallel operation can meet various compensation requirements.

After the output capacity is fully loaded, the current is automatically limited, without the worry of overload; the selectable power current and load current detection methods are convenient for on-site installation.

Compared with SVC, SVG has a correspondingly faster speed, wider operating range, and diversified compensation functions.

Structural Features

The static reactive power generator consists of three parts: the control part, the power part, and the start part.

The control part is mainly composed of a computer, a control board, a sampling board, a driver board, etc., and the power part works by using board sampling, control chip calculation, and driving board trigger signal.

The power part is the core of SVG, which is composed of power semiconductor bridge converter, and its basic circuit structure is a voltage type bridge inverter circuit.

The voltage type bridge type electric invert The connecting reactor of the starting part is integrated into the power grid. The connecting reactor plays a role in preventing overcurrent, filtering out ripples and connecting two voltage sources. There are also a starting resistor and a bypass switch in the starting part, and the starting resistor is connected in series. In the whole circuit, to prevent the DC capacitor and power devices from being burnt at the moment of starting, the bypass switch is connected in parallel with the starting resistance.

Main technical parameters

Outline and size of switch cabinet

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