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1. Pre-sale service commitment:

A. Provide customers with free technical consulting services

B. Provide customers with product samples, company profiles, credit/qualification certificates, etc.

C, invite customers to our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototype, product testing facilities and quality management system, etc.

D. Invite customers to visit the units of the products sold by our company and listen to the opinions of the users

E. Our company can appoint experienced technicians to design and select models for customers according to the site conditions and technical parameters provided by customers

2. In-sale service commitment:

Do a detailed technical clarification work with the customer. In the production process of the product, we invite the customer's relevant technical personnel to our company to check the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and provide the customer's technical staff with the product inspection standards and results.

3. After-sales service commitment:

Our company processes and produces products in full accordance with the procurement documents, drawings, technical requirements, and technical service requirements. At the same time, in order to achieve the purpose of "honesty and trustworthiness, steady development, customer first, and service to the society", our company solemnly promises to users:

A. Strictly follow the GB/T19001:2016 quality management system and provide services in accordance with contracts or customer requirements. Provide customers with product design, product selection, and product inspection services according to customer requirements.

B. Ensure that the equipment arrives at the delivery site designated by the user safely and reliably.

C. Participate in the on-site unpacking and acceptance work, and solve the problems in time.

D, actively cooperate with users to ensure the smooth progress of various tasks.

E. Our company is responsible for the installation and debugging of power distribution equipment in place, parallel, (guide), and prevent deformation and component damage caused by misoperation and improper movement of power distribution equipment. During the installation process, our company is responsible for the losses caused by our company's construction, design, and manufacturing quality.

F, willing to accept user supervision.

G. Guarantee to honor the "Three Guarantees". Within the period of the "Three Guarantees", if users find product quality problems, they will be guaranteed repairs, replacements, and refunds. We will actively assist customers in solving quality problems that are not the responsibility of our company. Out of the warranty period is a quality problem, our company is still responsible for handling and solving.

H, our company will send people to the site to instruct or users to come to our company for technical training.

I. After the equipment is running, if quality problems or other problems that require our company's assistance are found, we will respond within 5 minutes after receiving the user's notice, and arrive at the scene to solve the problem within 1.5 hours, and guarantee until the user is satisfied. The implementation of 7*24 hours free service, based on the needs of users as the premise.

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