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8PT low voltage switch cabinet
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8PT low voltage switch cabinet

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SIVACON 8PT low voltage switchgear is a standard structure in the field of construction and industry. It is a power distribution device promoted all over the world. It can be applied to various capacity levels from the maximum rated current to 7400A. It can be used Fixed installation technology, withdrawable technology can also be used. Various modules can be flexibly combined to meet various requirements. High-quality Siemens components are used in the cabinet to ensure long-term reliable operation of the equipment. It is widely used in power engineering, petrochemical industry, heavy industry and public building systems.

Environmental conditions for use

The altitude does not exceed 1000m.

The ambient temperature is not higher than 40°C, the minimum temperature is not lower than -15°C, and the daily temperature difference is not greater than 15°C.

The daily average relative humidity does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average does not exceed 90%.

There is no place where there is fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion, and strong vibration in the surrounding environment.

The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8.

Main Features

The switch cabinet (TTA) that passed the type test is safe, reliable, flexible and diverse

SIVACON is flexible and flexible to meet your needs

The frame and shell are accurate in size, and the structure is firm

Flexible and changeable horizontal bus system to meet different usage requirements

Circuit Breaker Technology (FCB) is compact, safe and reliable, and welcome by users

Fixed installation technology (OFF) The perfect combination of economy, safety and adaptability

Reactive Power Compensation (PFC) low cost and high safety

3NJ6 bar fuse plug-in technology (OFPD) fast plug-in, safe

User Free Design (CCS) provides sufficient space for maneuverability

withdrawable design (OFW) has high reliability and strong applicability

The rated current of the 3-pole and 4-pole horizontal bus system can reach 7400A

The rated peak withstand current lpk can reach 375kA

The device compartment can be divided into different units according to the modulus structure

switchgear can be installed on one side or back to back

The incoming line can adopt the upper incoming line or the lower incoming line; the outgoing cable can be connected at the front or rear of the cabinet

Main technical parameters

Outline and size of switch cabinet


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