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GGD AC low voltage switch cabinet
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GGD AC low voltage switch cabinet

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Product introduction

GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is a fixed wiring low-voltage power distribution cabinet, divided into GGD1, GGD2, and GGD3, with different segment current capabilities. The power distribution cabinet is suitable for power users such as power plants, substations, factories and mining enterprises, as AC 50-60Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated working current to 3150A power distribution system, as the power conversion of power, lighting and power distribution equipment , Distribution and control. The product has the characteristics of high segmentation ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, novel and reasonable structure, practical electrical scheme, strong serial usability, and high protection level.

Environmental conditions for use

The altitude must not exceed 2000m.

The ambient temperature is not higher than +40°C, not lower than 10°C, and its average temperature shall not be higher than +35°C within 24h.

The relative humidity of the surrounding environment does not exceed 50% at +40°C on a day. At lower temperatures, higher relative humidity is allowed (for example, 90% at +20°C).

The operating location is where there is no severe vibration and impact, and where the electrical components are not corroded.

The inclination of the vertical surface of the equipment installation should not exceed 5 degrees.

The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8.

Model and its meaning

Structural Features

The cabinet body of the GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet adopts the general cabinet form, and the cabinet frame is assembled by partial welding of 8MF cold-formed steel, and has 20-mold mounting holes, which has a high universal coefficient; it is heated with high flame retardant PPO material The molded ZMJ busbar clamp has a modular structure with high mechanical strength and insulation; the top cover of the cabinet can be removed when needed, which is convenient for the assembly and adjustment of the main busbar. The four corners of the top of the cabinet are equipped with lifting rings for lifting and shipping. The protection level of the whole cabinet is IP30, and users can also choose between IP20-1P40 according to the requirements of the on-site environment.

has strong applicability and wide selection of main components. Many domestic and imported brand products are interchangeable. Because the GGD type cabinet has good installation flexibility, it will not cause installation troubles due to the modification or update of components.

According to the current industrial product design requirements, the cabinet body and the division size of each part are designed using the golden ratio method to make the whole cabinet beautiful and generous.

The design of the cabinet type fully takes into account the heat dissipation problem during the operation of the cabinet. There are different numbers of heat dissipation slots at the upper and lower ends of the cabinet. When the electrical components in the cabinet heat up, the heat rises and passes through, and the upper slot is discharged , And the cold air is constantly replenished into the cabinet from the slot at the lower end, so that the sealed cabinet forms a natural ventilation duct from bottom to top to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

Main technical parameters

Outline and size of switch cabinet


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