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KYN61-40.5 armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear
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KYN61-40.5 armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear

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Product introduction

KYN61-40.5 armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz rated voltage 40.5kV power system, as a power plant, substation and power distribution room of industrial and mining enterprises to receive and distribute electrical energy. It can control, protect and detect circuits, and can also be used in places with frequent operations. The performance of this switchgear complies with standards such as GB3906-2006 and DL 404.

Environmental conditions for use

Altitude does not exceed 1000m

Ambient temperature upper limit +40°C, and the average value measured within 24 hours does not exceed 35°C;lower limit-15°C.

The daily average value of relative humidity does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average value does not exceed 90%.

The daily average water vapor pressure does not exceed 2.2kPa, and the monthly average does not exceed 90%.

There is no place with fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion, severe vibration in the surrounding environment

Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees

Model and its meaning

Shandong Zhonglian Electric Co., Ltd.

Structural Features

Using heat-shrinkable insulation materials and epoxy coating insulation technology to optimize the electrode shape, the cabinet has a compact structure.

The switch cabinet body is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is formed by CNC sheet metal processing, and then connected by high-strength bolts and nuts and rivet nuts. The surface of the components is sprayed or galvanized.

series of sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers to meet the requirements of different users.

The functional compartments of the switchgear are separated by metal partitions and are equipped with independent pressure release channels.

The circuit breaker, grounding switch and other operations can be performed when the cabinet door is closed, and the door can be closed.

The mechanical interlocking device "five prevention” between the handcart, the circuit breaker, the grounding switch and the rear cabinet door to prevent misoperation is complete, safe and reliable.

Main technical parameters

The shape and size of the switchgear 


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