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Product introduction

The product adopts professional equipment and technology, and the whole station realizes oil-free and "three remote functions" to meet unattended requirements. It is mainly used in the construction and transformation of 10~35kV small and medium-sized substations (distribution) substations, factories and mines and mobile operation substations in petroleum, chemical, drilling platforms, urban and rural areas.

Product line

35KV main transformer box, 35KV switch, 10KV switch box integrate 10KV transformer, main cabinet, outlet cabinet and microcomputer automation equipment in one. Each box is an independent system, which can be derived into two series.

1, the two boxes are combined to become a complete 35KV substation. 35KV and 10KV equipment are all installed in the box, with functions such as rainproof and dustproof. It is widely used in small and medium-sized 35KV substations in urban areas and rural areas, factories and mines and substations for mobile operations, especially in areas with harsher environmental conditions.

2. Single-use 10KV switch, 35KV equipment outdoor installation, 10KV equipment and protection system box installation, that is, 35KV equipment unchanged, install a 10KV switch box, you can achieve the "three remote function", to achieve unmanned On-duty conditions. It is widely used in the construction and transformation of small and medium-sized substations in urban areas and rural areas with superior environmental conditions.

Product Features

Mobility: movable, convenient for hoisting

Quick set-up: short manufacturing period and no foundation

Safety: weather-resistant steel structure, windproof, shockproof

Durability: The outer wall of the steel plate is coated with anticorrosive export, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and high weather resistance. The service life is more than 20 years.

has a beautiful appearance (the color of the cabinet can be selected independently)

low cost, high quality and low price

Personal anti-static floor glue and high flame-retardant interior decoration to ensure the normal operation and safety of communication equipment

Shell protection level: IP54

with energy control, DCS control, remote communication and other functions

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