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CCX type bus duct
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CCX type bus duct

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CCX type busway is a busbar system composed of a metal plate as a protective shell, conductive bars, insulating materials and related accessories. The product is used in AC three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire systems, and the frequency is usually in the range of 50-60HZ Inside, the rated voltage is 690V, and the rated working current is 250-5000A. The power supply and distribution system has compact structure, high insulation strength, large transmission current, good interchangeability, stable electrical performance, easy installation and maintenance, and long service life. It is suitable for auxiliary devices of power supply and distribution devices in industrial and mining, enterprises and high-rise buildings. According to the insulation method, it can be divided into three types: air plug-in bus duct, dense insulation plug-in bus duct and high-strength plug-in bus duct.

Environmental conditions for use

The altitude must not exceed 200m.

The ambient temperature is not higher than +40°C, not lower than -5°C, and its average temperature shall not be higher than +35°C within 24h.

The relative humidity of the surrounding environment does not exceed 50% at +40°C per day. At lower temperatures, higher relative humidity is allowed (for example, 85% at +20°C).

The operation site is clean and free of dust, metal corrosive and insulating gas or steam.

Model and meaning

Busway classification

High-strength enclosed busway

High-strength bus ducts are not limited by plate manufacturing. The shell is made of a tile groove, which increases the mechanical strength of the bus. The horizontal section of the bus can be produced up to 13m long.

Because the shell is made of a tile trench, the location of the pits intentionally separates the busbars and fixes them. There is a distance of 18mm between the busbars, and the lines are well ventilated, so that the moisture-proof and heat-dissipating functions of the busbar are significantly improved, and it is more suitable for the southern climate. ; Because there is a fixed gap between the wires, the temperature rise of the wire is reduced, which improves the overload capacity and reduces the magnetic oscillation noise. However, the stray current and inductive reactance generated by it are much larger than that of the dense busbar. Therefore, when compared with the same specification, its conductive bar section must be larger than the dense insulation plug-in busbar.

The high-strength closed busway can withstand strong electric power and has better heat dissipation performance, which greatly improves its load capacity, and also solves the confusion that large-span installation cannot support hoisting.

Using high-strength sealing structure design, the general protection level is IP40, and the special requirements can reach IP54. The enclosure protection has been tested by the national authority and has confirmed that the busbar system can withstand a power frequency withstand voltage of 3750V, with no breakdown flashover for 1 min. When the busbar system works normally at the rated current, the temperature rise should not be higher than 60K at the joint, 30K in the housing, and 40K in the tank.

Dense insulated plug-in busway

The dense busway plug interface device is very flexible and simple. It can install a lot of sockets and is very versatile. When adjusting the location of the electrical device, there is no need to change the power supply system and the wiring is flexible.

The intensive busway conductive row is wrapped with flame-retardant cross-linked polyethylene heat-shrinkable tubing, which has very strong insulation performance, and no poisonous gas is emitted in the event of fire, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Intensive busway phase and phase as well as phase and shell will be close together, so it can withstand very large electric stress and thermal stress, and at the same time, the heat generated by the conductive row can be quickly dissipated, and the current carrying capacity is very large. . The joints are fastened with insulated bolts and connected by double-connected copper bars, which greatly increases the contact area of ​​the joints, greatly reduces the temperature rise of the joints, and has a very strong heat dissipation capacity.

Air plug-in busway

The air-type busway shell is made of high-quality high-strength cold-rolled steel to form a corrugated structure at one time. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also greatly enhances the mechanical strength of the busway and the dynamic and thermal stability of the system, which can solve the large span of the construction site. Difficulties in distance installation. The air-type busway socket is designed with a safety protection baffle. Only when the protection baffle is opened, the plug-in box can be accessed, which effectively prevents the entry of dust and foreign objects at the socket, thereby improving the protection of the busway and preventing Misoperation greatly improves the safety of the bus.

The protection grade of the shell is IP40~IP54, which can be flexibly selected according to the installation and use environment to achieve the best economical power transmission in the busway.

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