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PZ55 series distribution box
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PZ55 series distribution box

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Product introduction

PZ55 distribution box is used in the three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system with 50HZ, 500V and below, and the load current is not more than 400A, to control the distribution system, leakage protection and motor overload short-circuit Deficiency protection and various controls. The cabinet has reasonable design, small size, beautiful appearance and safe use. It is widely used in various fields such as petrochemical, metallurgy, schools, hospitals, and residences.

Environmental conditions for use

The altitude does not exceed 2000m.

Ambient temperature_upper limit +40°C, and the average value measured within 24 hours does not exceed 35°C, and the lower limit is -15°C.

The daily average relative humidity does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average does not exceed 90%.

There is no place where there is fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion, or severe vibration in the surrounding environment.

The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8.

Model and meaning

Structural Features

The box body is made of 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the opening angle of the box door is > 90°.

The box is composed of a box body, door mounting rails, brackets, zero row, protective grounding bar and various switch components, circuit transformers, electric energy meters, etc. The box door is connected to the box body by a hinge, and the door is set on top Anti-theft lock. The busbars are tin-plated throughout.

The electric energy meter and molded case circuit breaker in the box are directly installed on the bracket in the box, and other outgoing switches and socket components are installed with guide rails. The guide rails are installed on the bracket, and the guide rails are galvanized parts. The door is provided with a guard plate to prevent direct contact with live parts.

front manual operation, front maintenance. The wiring adopts the bottom-in and bottom-out method, and the wiring is fixed.

All metal parts have anti-corrosion ability. The surface of the box body is sprayed with epoxy powder electrostatically, which has strong adhesion and good texture. The whole box has a matte tone, creating a more comfortable visual environment.

Main technical parameters


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