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GZDW type microcomputer monitoring high frequency switch DC power supply cabinet
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GZDW type microcomputer monitoring high frequency switch DC power supply cabinet

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GZDW type microcomputer-monitored high-frequency switching DC power supply cabinet is widely used in large, medium and small power stations and substations and other electrical equipment in power systems, as well as DC power supply systems for secondary circuit relay protection devices, as control signals, communication, and protection And power supply equipment such as DC emergency lighting, DC motor starting and power plant, etc., can also be used for post and telecommunications and to meet the needs of power engineering in other industries, and can also be used as a DC voltage stabilizer, a steady current power supply and other DC operating power supplies. This device complies with GB17478, GB14048, JB/T5777, JB/T8456, DL/T459, DL/T5041 standards.

Environmental conditions for use

The altitude must not exceed 2000m.

The ambient temperature is not higher than +40°C and not lower than -5°C. During the period of equipment shutdown, the ambient air temperature is not higher than +55°C and not lower than -25°C.

The daily average relative humidity does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity does not exceed 90%.

There is no conductive or explosive dust, no corrosive metal and insulating gas or steam at the operating location.

The inclination of the vertical surface of the equipment installation should not exceed 5 degrees.

The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8.

Model and meaning

Structural Features

The front of the cabinet is a whole glass door, and the back is a double door, which is beautiful and generous on the crowd.

The cabinet structure design is convenient for equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation.

System Features

The system is fully modular in design, simple, intuitive, and convenient to group screens. Multiple high-frequency switch charging modules operate in parallel, and N+1 hot backup.

ultra-wide voltage input range, strong grid applicability, can be used in relatively harsh environments.

The charging module can be plugged and unplugged when power is on, and online maintenance is convenient and quick.

Intelligent control of charging module, smooth adjustment of output voltage and current; independent current sharing, high current sharing accuracy.

The monitoring system adopts touch screen or large-screen LCD Chinese character display, friendly man-machine interface, intuitive and convenient operation;

Open interface design, with powerful communication function, it is very convenient to realize RTU with substation.

The device is connected with the computer monitoring system DCS; the three-level distributed monitoring system realizes the remote measurement, remote control, remote signaling, remote adjustment and unattended operation of the power system.

High efficiency power factor, power supply efficiency above 92%, active power factor correction technology, power factor greater than 0.94, no grid filter pollution.

The program is complete, systematic, and easy to combine. If the program provided does not meet your requirements, it can be put forward when ordering and produced according to your requirements.

Main technical parameters

Outline and size of switch cabinet


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