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PZ30 series lighting switch box
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PZ30 series lighting switch box

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PZ30-A-series lighting switch box

The panel of this product is fire-retardant and flame-retardant ABS, ensuring safety, pure ivory color, high strength, never changing color, transparent material is PC; bottom box material is high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, surface spray treatment, no deformation, no oxidation , Corrosion resistance; lightweight box door opening and closing method, the box door can be opened left and right, convenient for home applications; spacious wiring space in the box, convenient wiring;

N, PE pole terminal block adopts the same wiring method of circuit breaker, and the outer cover is a flame-retardant protective cover, the wiring is safe and reliable; there are double-ring knock-off holes on the top and bottom of the box, which can meet the needs of different users; distribution box The installation position is easy to adjust, and the cover can be kept level by adjusting the fixing screws of the rack.

PZ30-B-series lighting switch box

The box is made of plastic products and is made of high-strength, impact-resistant and flame-retardant materials;

When the box is made of iron, it is electroplated and can be electrostatically sprayed to be durable according to requirements;

The surface of the distribution box is a bullet-shaped black transparent panel design, with a variety of colors to choose from, which fully reflects the characteristics of modern architectural decoration engineering.

highlights the streamlined charm of the product;

The zero grounding terminal is complete in the box, and the busbar can also be used for wiring, which is very convenient to use;

This product is designed for indoor installation. There are two installation methods: embedded and wall-mounted.


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