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GGJ AC low voltage capacitor cabinet
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GGJ AC low voltage capacitor cabinet

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Product introduction

GGJ series low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation capacitor cabinets are suitable for production and civil use in all walks of life. In a three-phase power distribution system with a rated voltage of 380V and a frequency of 50Hz above 100Kva, connect it with electrical equipment in parallel The low-voltage distribution bus or the low-voltage side bus of the transformer is used to compensate the reactive power of the grid to achieve the purpose of energy saving and loss reduction.

Using environmental conditions

Environment temperature: -40℃~+50℃;

The relative humidity of the air does not exceed 95%;

The altitude does not exceed 2000m (the altitude above 2000m can be specially designed according to specific working conditions);

The working voltage does not exceed 110% of the rated voltage (except for the transition process);

The working current does not exceed 1.3 times of the rated current (except for the transition process);

Installation environment: surrounding medium and easily dangerous, no gas that can damage insulation and metal, no conductive dust;

Installation location: no severe vibration and bumps, installation inclination <5%.

Model and its meaning

Performance Features

Using self-healing capacitors, its performance is much better than oil-impregnated paper capacitors. The dielectric and plate of the capacitor components have self-healing performance, low dielectric loss, small size, and large capacity. It is a promising electric power Energy-saving products;

is equipped with an automatic reactive power compensation controller, which can automatically cycle, switch capacitors step by step, and adjust the switching time interval to keep the grid reactive power consumption in a state, thereby effectively improving the quality of the grid voltage and reducing transmission and distribution System and transformer losses;

can automatically adjust the reactive power according to load changes, voltage fluctuations and power factor levels, and there will be no over-compensation or under-compensation due to this;

can use manual or automatic switching mode. During automatic switching, switching at any time according to the change of power factor without manual operation, realizing the automation of the control process;

Using special contactor switching capacitors, effectively suppressing the impact of closing inrush current and high-order harmonics on the power grid;

Using multiple protections

1) Single fuse or air switch protection;

2) Overcurrent protection;

3) Overvoltage protection;

4) Undervoltage protection;

Choosing the right capacity can increase the power factor to above 0.95.

Main technical parameters

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